mother's day

it was a happy mother's day. saturday, right between a bridal portrait and a wedding, we celebrated with my mom. whom i am so thankful for.  whom i have a five page apology letter planned for. it is all about that sassy phase you claimed i went through as a teenager. remember when you said, i could have a daughter just like me? well i am so sorry. i may have cloned a couple on "me-s" :)

my mother's day started with church. i do love a mother's day sermon and sitting with my family! and the music today... WOW!

then it was straight home for grilled cheese sandwiches prepared by my son. a quick change into our lake clothes. a quick trip to the backyard to dig for worms. 

will she ever not have cat scratches?

a quick trip to renew our fishing licenses... and we were off to the lake for the day.

 we forgot the brand new pair of fishing gloves. us girls can bait our  hooks and wrangle fish... as long as we do not have to touch anything slimy. we made do with a sandwich bag. 

 anna katherine is one serious  girl when it comes to catching the most fish. which she did.

 would bennett be bennett without tormenting his sisters with boy things?

 mary claire finally ditched the sandwich bag gloves.

 i am so thankful for this guy!
he may hyper focus on odd things, but he takes very good care of his family.
on the way home we stooped by the chinese buffet looking just like this. it was a great day!
note to self: take the picture at the beginning of the day.

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