phone dump

good monday morning! 
a little phone maintenance.

i love love this weather ap. i have planned many photography sessions to the minute using this little guy! i also scan in periodically to check the weather in the florida keys... just because! 

this was from a few weeks ago, just before everything started going green!
a children's festival at church.

cookie butter... aka: gluten butter!
what looked like an emergency from the bridge in charleston.

my bunny transporter.
the moment i thought my rabbit was toast... 
quiet, lifeless and sound asleep after a 12 hour photo day.

mary claire's last grandparents day.

my bunny after his last picture day.
it was too hot to leave him in the car.
i told my kids it was his shopping spree for all the hard work!
uncle stephen's birthday!

two of the cutest little boys alive!
movie and dinner with daddy!
many work days in charleston lately.
our hotel of choice is beside the bridge and across from trader joe's.
run 5 miles ~ buy chocolate on the way back.

in case you're wondering why i have been sporting a bandaid on my knee for ~ oh eight weeks now. this doozy from ecuador is refusing to heal. i fell running to the church (not for exercise, but to get my bible in a crazy "i am too old to sprint that fast" way) scraped that bad boy to the bone. giant bandages and antibiotic cream will definitely be on my packing list next time.

a few instagram pictures from bennett's account.

children's day at church.
mary claire had a solo. she does have her daddy's voice!

sweet little marshall!

what a dollar will get ya!
proof of a haircut. 
my boy has a mighty big head. 
too large for big hair!
 vacation time is nearing...

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