bennett officially over  moves home today. it is hard to believe.  the girls and i spent an evening plowing through his closet. you could say he is a collector ~ or a hoarder ~ definitely a packrat. i would ask him every so often, "are you keeping your room on the neat side." "mom, my roommate is messier than me!" (no way!) i was worried with the small living space and his eclectic ways, these two  roommates could be buried alive. but bennett the neater of the two? could that be possible?

our impromptu visit to his dorm room proved him right. he is the neater of the two. but neat? this room and every room on the hallway would cause another to have nightmares! 

long gone were the shine new organizers!
 however the hallway laundry room was clean ~ and empty!
 no pictures please!
 this is where he will be living next year. not super fancy but a far cry from his 10x15 shared living space! 
a sure sign of college live in the united states. 
satellites everywhere!
 we are excited to have him home. i am sure it will feel like a tornado has taken residence for the first few days.  we hear it is just as hard to have them move back home as it is to move away...

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