we arrived just in time for sunset! this sight sure fills up my soul! my husband is beginning to worry i am going to start asking to retire here ;)
we decided to make the14 hour drive over two days. for some reason doing this makes the drive feel even longer. praise God the drive was smooth and uneventful. there were no flat tires, sliced off fingers, fender benders, massive traffic jams or getting lost in miami. praise God!

we always rent the same house from the same guy. this year while firming up the details, he mentioned his grandson would be going to school in south carolina. what are the chances this guy from the keys has a grandson from texas that will be attending clemson university in the fall. on a full football scholarship! this week his grandson is visiting with four other freshman clemson football players. they are just a few houses down and we are hoping to meet for a bbq.
mary claire is itching to mail out postcards. she came prepared with postage stamps. anna katherine has been researching fishing tips. we are determined to move beyond just catching our own bait.

bennett's has scuba diving on the brain. my son diving terrifies me on so many levels. he won't ride a (man made) rollercoaster but he is fearless in the ocean.  issues arise when he wants to dive alone. which is a big no-no. thankfully one of his close clemson friends (who is also a hunter/fisher/diver) is also here with his family ~ only one key away! they have a 5am dive schooled monday morning. 

the family in the house beside us is living my retirement dream! they bought the house a few years ago for almost nothing. year after year we are amazed at their renovations. thankfully they tolerate our louder side because they are also from south carolina too!it is amusing that the minute our children exit the car, there's an immediate, urgent, frantic need to chop down coconuts. 

 if the brochette's didn't have to pass us again on the way out it would be like a little south carolina celebration right here in the florida keys!

so tomorrow (today) we will make a trip to the fishing store.  of all things, we forgot out tackle box! we will also construct nightime bed sheet curtains. the entire back of the house is a solid glass window/sliding door. it is the center house in the canal  that looks out to the gulf. meaning everyone around us looks in. well the curtains are GONE! great for the daytime, but a little weird at night. 

if only kelly and i weren't playing house swap this week.

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