if we are friends on Facebook or instagram, you know all too well that mary claire and i have been away at camp. i rarely post on fb and suddenly there is a steam of updates because i wanted to let the parents back home see the awesome things this camp has to offer.

i posted so much  (which wasn't all that much compared to some) that i got called out for being churchy. 

oh? ok? like there's so many other labels you can earn yourself on facebook, maybe i should be happy with being churchy. except i wasn't exactly sure what "churchy" meant. thank you fb friend and google for revealing that i am pious and narrow minded. ouch.  

but if you think i am churchy now... hang on to your open minds. i have free time coming up and 1500 more ecuador pictures to post... all at once, on the newsfeed ;)

so my pious self would like to show you some of the pictures from camp. unless we are friends on facebook and you want to gouge your eyes out before looking at another one of my camp photos ;) i will let the pictures do the talking. my mind is too narrow for a lot of words.

i will say that i think this is the best camp ever!

chapel is held mornings and evening with intimate small groups throughout the day.
the minister at the camp will rock your world!

the theme of the week was being the light of the world. 
what an awesome way to end the week!

mary claire and i left camp and immediately went to honey's mountain house.
her youth group was meeting for a picnic and tubing down the green river. 
Cheryl said...

I can't imagine a more wonderful way to spend a week with my daughter! Thanks for sharing. Again, I will tell you that your honesty and humor make my day when I read your posts. There may be times I don't agree 100% with your POV, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate hearing it, and I'm always open to learn.
Thank you and enjoy the summer!

DawnW said...

You crack me up, Heidi! Your week looks fabulous!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Really? Churchy? That's hilarious! Was this someone you know in real life?
Share away! I love it!

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