thank you!

thank you, thank you for all of the sweet comments. i know being churchy isn't all that bad. right? i just imagined myself earning another Facebook label. one that might involve my selfie obsession or my perfect children or my minute by minute exercise routine. i was a little taken back that my label referred to my front row seat to heaven. i mean the  view from where i sit is ah-mazing! (billy graham's seat is right behind mine!)

of course kidding about all the above. seriously, the whole Jesus thing. yes, i find very exciting and i may talk about church things more than i realize.  i hope i never-ever sound self righteous (morally superior), because i view myself so far from  superior.  i struggle with strongholds everyday. i don't blog about them. but i do.  my seat to heaven is not in the front row, but i am pretty sure i have a ticket.

so  our week has been full of finishing up to do lists, vacation bible school, packing, and jeff's obsessive compulsive vehicle maintenance.  if you want a new set of brakes, tires, wheel bearings, shocks, wiper blades, you name it... just plan to drive a couple thousand miles pulling a boat with my cautious husband.

 a couple years ago the boat trailer had a flat tire. no worry we had two spares! he seemed giddy because he was so prepared. i felt like we were taking part in an interstate reality show. "how fast can you save your family from imminent death on I-95?" he would have won. (i joke, but i am very thankful for him!)

i checked off "mail my mom's church their pictures" today. mary claire and i left camp and went straight to another church gathering at my mom's mountain house.

this may be one of my favorite summer pictures. that's chase driving my mom's mountain truck. it has an "i love Jesus" tag on the front. and "i stand behind Israel" sticker on the back. in this picture the truck bed is filled with baptist reachers :) 
after the company had left jeff and papa gene watched the triple crown. the rest of us took a golf cart ride with my mom. who thinks her golf cart is an all terrain vehicle. she off roads that little cart way more than she should. 

the following pictures are from my cell phone taken at dusk. meaning not that great, but too amusing not to share. 

i am not sure what i am doing here... 
but  think a snake warning was involved.
my goodness, the view! 

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