camp honey

we spent a great week in the mountains. i took a surprisingly number of pictures ;) way below the average. it was the trip that capped off our summer travel and i think we were all on the tired side. so the lazy days were just what we needed. 
we waded in mountain streams almost daily.

this was out view almost every morning with our coffee. evie and roger splashing the hot tub with bed head. 


nature walks and state parks.
we went through several cans of bug spray.

would our trip ever be complete without learning the skills of a junior ranger!?

we kept seeing our state shape in so many rocks. "it's south carolina!"  roger began asking, "what planet is this?" with every rock. i started making up a states, instead of repeating, "nothing buddy." i think he caught on because he began using mary claire for verification. she didn't play along. 
splash fights, that occasionally turned into dunking fights, which occasionally turned into crying and time outs. but only occasionally.

we collected everything from leaves, sticks, rock shapes, pebbles... 
even and honey became the serious collectors.

sarah anne remembers last year we collected heart shaped rocks.
a day trip to an amusement park.
everyone needs a break from nature every once in awhile. (not really ;)
this day was spent riding the same rides over and over. in the end, it was money well spent! 

until next year!!
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