celebrate our blessings

this set of pictures does not go with the post, except for the fact that these two ladies know how to celebrate life! gotta love these two!
one of my favorite things about summer are road trips :)
i am kind of on one now with my son. not by road, but air.  it is the four of july and we are celebrating in south america. we think that's pretty neat!
even though bennett and i are miles and miles away on this independence day,  our hearts are celebrating. we are thinking of our family celebrating at the lake. we are thinking about life in the united states and how abundantly blessed we all are. we thinking about our military. man can we ever thank them enough!? 
our devotional this morning talked about the blessing God has poured out all over the world, especially in america!


because at the end of everyday your hair should be messy and your feet dirty!
love everything about summer!
especially sweet silly girls!

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