glorious backdrop

i think i am still in the mission trip re-entry phase.  i find myself pausing  sentences and waiting for translation, hesitating before rinsing my tooth brush under the faucet and asking what day it is.  all the unpacking and junk food detox... can't i just grab up my family (and a few cats) and go back? 
 i prepared for this trip a little lot differently. known as a serious overpacker, this time i packed 50% less. i know this thanks to the airport luggage scale!  last trip i packed one outfit for everyday... and then a few spares. i had toiletry accessories galore and three (maybe four) pairs of shoes. 

i couldn't bring myself to leave out the iron. a lot more prayer is needed for this ocd issue.  however, i did wear the same pants for three days. three days! that's life changing right there. unfortunately before i left the states, i went shopping at the store, "what to wear to look like an american tourist." there i purchased three identical pairs of pants. so besides looking like a total dork, i also looked like i never changed clothes ;) 

in this place i am reminded that the simple things are what bring me joy. i am reminded that joy does not have to be complicated or expensive or flashy.  that being rich isn't based on how much stuff you have.  i am reminded to never, ever judge a culture just because they look differently than ours. i am reminded beauty comes from within and God is everywhere! and that alpacas are hilarious! 

i am reminded how much i love people! 

i cannot imagine myself walking around new york thinking, "man i love these people!" i realized i need to work on this. God is everywhere and another continent is not required to find lovable people to share the gospel with. it's just so much more intimidating in the western world?  

so now, in absolutely no particular order (because my images uploaded in the most random way),  i would like to share one of my very favorite days. 

the farm.

our goal for the day was to share all that we could about Jesus. appointments were arranged, prayers went up, we were ready! it just so happened that all of the above could take place on this breathtaking background. i am all about good stuff happening on a pretty backdrop!
bennett was given the agriculture tour. all of that land, all of those potatoes, farmed by the hands of two men.  no large complex machinery or fancy seeds,  just two men.

teenagers, no matter where they live... always have things in common!

i am reminded guinea pigs are much more than pets.

on not judging a book by it's cover. this is a sweet lemon.
our meal!
this makes my heart melt!

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