in our path

we our loving our cousin and honey time in the mountains. it seems  like yesterday we were thinking of ways for our kids to spend as much time in "nature" as possible.  (i was on the happy side that our cabin has zero wifi)

we love finding streams, parks and paths. while playing today, we came across a river bed full of french fri shaped rocks. it was a craft waiting to happen! 

 we starting collecting. (i would figure the craft part out later) for the time being "collecting" was keeping them busy. in no time we had a mighty impressive amount.

a quick trip to walmart. (is a trip to walmart in a tourist town ever quick?)  a few supplies and we were set for an afternoon of cross making.

 we then decided to use them for random acts of kindness. 

 we made hand written notes with several of our favorite scriptures. we wanted the recipient know that we prayed that God would allow "exactly the right person" to find it.

 the girls had so much fun deciding where we would stop. they left them on gas pumps, pay phones, bus stops, park benches, restaurant tables... all over the place. 

hopefully in a small way, we blessed others in our path. 

little update: this morning we passed by a bus stop where we left a cross. at that very moment we saw a lady pick it up and read it! no way! the girls leaped in their seats and my mom called from the car ahead, "did you just see that?!" pretty amazing!
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