let's do it again!

i feel a little more prepared this time for our mission trip. my last trip to ecuador i compare to  riding a rollercoaster for the first time. i was giddy with excitement waiting in line and chatting it up with my friends. "stories memorized. i got this!" but once the ride started, my eyes widened with the reality of everything. i quickly  my confidence level of zero!  "nope ~ i don't got this!"  so i grabbed the bar and held on for dear life. even closing my eyes around a few sharp turns. 

when the ride was over, i caught my breath, opened my eyes...  and immediately was ready to "do it again!" 

so i am doing it again! 
hopefully, this time with my eyes open the entire time.

it is so exciting that four college boys are going with us. and one of them is mine (sheer excitement for this mother!) the manners of these young men would make any mother proud.  they remove their hats when praying and quickly volunteer to lead the prayers. i feel confident "they got this." it is going to be a wonderful week!

last time i remember maureen reminding us that the minute we arrived for departure, we would feel the power of prayer! once again, we feel it. thank you! thank you so much for all of your prayers. fingers crossed i can update during the week. 
a few pictures from our last trip...

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