a major milestone happened last week! 
mary claire got braces! 
 she was pretty stoked about her new hardware until reality set in... in the form of blisters and bleeding cheeks. i compared it to toughing up your feet after a long winter. "remember your brand new spring flip flops that gave you horrible blisters? then your toes togged and all was good with the world!" 

this girl can kick in drama with little warning. so for now it is advil twice a day. 

 we choose an orthodontist close to school. this makes the numerous appointment so much easier. plus we had heard raving reviews about this orthodontist.

 boy have i been extremely, extremely impressed. this isn't our first go round with braces. anna katherine had two sets. this orthodontist office have gone above and beyond with patient care!
 goodie boxes and a free t-shirt just sealed the deal ;)

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