mini maureen

did you really think i could walk around ecuador, sharing our bible stories without maureen in the vicinity? like never! she is always tucked away in my head, but having a little maureen on a stick, tucked away in my backpack has been extra awesome! 

(created from a stack of ecuador pictures and supplies from the mission chest.)
  i wanted the boys (young men) on our trip to benefit from all of her advice. 

they have caught me saying,  "well, maureen said..." quite a few times. 

"uhm, excuse me. i was in the advanced mission training class and  
i want all of you to benefit from everything i learned. so hush and tie on your red luggage ribbon!"  

they agreed this was a good idea after the airport luggage conveyor belt fiasco! "you're welcome!"
our days have been filled with serious discipleship. this is what we have been doing between the real Jesus work!

 she started the toilet paper sticks. 
(everyone thanks you!)
that's chocolate bread!
we even took her with us to visit cotopaxi. the largest active volcano in the world (per our guide)
we included her on our emergency volcano evacuation plan...

 and to the market.
gluten free section
 oh and look what maureen sampled.
that's a roasted guinea pig!

the translators send their love!

mini maureen is our tiny tribute to everything she has taught us and to the hearts she has touched everywhere. thank you! 

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