mission new york

jeff and i agree, we are ready to be a family of five under one roof again. even if this happens only a few weeks of the year. we crammed all of our summer travel into consecutive weeks. 

 i am really looking forward to seeing this girl! i came home from ecuador early on a friday morning and anna katherine left  later that same morning. so when i lay eyes on her again, it will have been almost three weeks! good grief!  
a huge thank you to tiffany! i placed a photo request ;) with her prior to the trip! this morning she emailed me all of these! jackpot! it's like the best gift ever when you can't be there in person! 
 so here's a peek at anna katherine and our youth group on a mission trip to new york. i can't wait to hear all the details. 

enjoy that last little bit of quiet ;) 
we are meeting up at camp honey!
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