praise be to God!

it has been an exciting week in ecuador. 
great things are happening and that is always an answer to prayer.
our first day was action packed. it was nice having callie already here, setting appointments and scheduling activities. we were able to hit the ground running. 

we spent a large portion of our day at the public high school. jack taught us several games to play with the students that would reinforce their english skills. these boys did an outstanding job. i use the term boys because i have known them since they were toddlers. however, this trip is evidence of the fine young men they have turned into.

we were greeted at the school with tea, coffee and breakfast empanadas. people here are so gracious. (this is also my favorite tea!)

the best part of working in the school is being able to tell them why we are here. that's where Jesus comes in :) 

the timing was perfect. we ended our school day just in time for the beginning festivities of the chagra festival. how about ending our first day with a parade that celebrated their culture up close and personal! 

equadorians are so gracious. 
so many times seeking out americans with kindness. 
they made sure we were given samples of all of the food.

we enjoyed authentic ecuadorian ice cream on the way back to the hostal.  $1 for three scoops in a waffle cup.  i "accidentally" keep taking the long way back to the hostal as an excuse to stop!

here's to a long exciting first day!

moving right along :) something little between all of the big... bennett and jose made dinner with fresh potatoes from momi and poppies farm. (and vegetables from the market)

today we met with several of our contacts. they were kind enough to plan a surprise party for our translator. we talked, prayed, sang, enjoyed some awesome birthday cake. we also learned that they are starting a home church called new life ~ praise be to God

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