new chapters

sixteen years ago when he was 3, we thought he was so grown up because he could buckle his own car seat.
fifteen years ago i choked back the tears on his first day of school. 
four years ago he drove his sisters to school for the first time. this was without a doubt, one of my most terrifying parenting moments.
a little over a year ago, we watched him graduate from high school. a little sad and (a lot) deliriously happy that high school math was a thing of the past.
this time last year i was a bucket of tears.  dropping your first born off at college stings like none other. 
this very day... can you believe i am still overly dramatic about my nest beginning to empty? opening new chapters can be very hard! 
this year's adventure is another step in being needed a little bit less. (i know, dramatic) bennett has a lease, a roommate and a two bedroom apartment. the lease has his name on it and runs an entire 12 months. 
last weekend we packed furniture and set out for phase one of college move in. thanks to my mother we were able to collect enough bedroom furniture to avoid taking any from his (real) bedroom. i mean an empty bedroom? completely out of the question ;)
we met his roomate's family and were overjoyed with the similarities. they were christians, a little bit on the helicopter parenting side, but not enough to be emotionally damaging ;) and both dropping off their first born.
 they were kind enough to wait until we arrived to move in any communal  furniture. they wanted to make sure we were okay with everything. such a nice gesture! little did they know that as long as it wasn't a neon budwiser sign or a statue of buddha, we were okay with anything!
 it was immediately obvious that these two (as his mother put it) were brothers from a different mother! a match made in ag mech. 

thankfully the roommates share the same decorating taste.  the first peek at adult freedom looks like a deer head over the sofa.  the mounted fish in the living room was a flashing sign saying, "life is so good!"
the gun rack directly over the kitchen table was pure independence. brennan and bennett were kings over their own domain.
the apartment was far from fancy. but it was clean and cozy and filled with second hand furniture. and it was all theirs. as a mother, watching these two look around their apartment with exuberant pride,  i mean the oozing, radiating kind of pride, made my heart melt! 

for a moment my helicopter engine stalled, because i too felt love for that stuffed deer head. 
praise God for new chapters. 
He is always good.

and this is going to be a fabulous year!
i just know it!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

My son had the year lease last year and that's why he ended up staying at Clemson this summer and taking a class. I figured if we're paying for the apartment he might as well be there. I've resigned myself to the fact that he will probably never really live at my house again. I was just up there last week as he moved out of the apartment and into a house he is renting with three of his fraternity brothers. He said that he is going to live there until he graduates! No more moving for him!
Now, I just have to get ready for our youngest to move up there next week! Eek!

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