good day!

sometimes i blog late at night. i will turn on my laptop with good intentions, upload pictures, type a few words and then it's midnight. which results in a 'draft' box full of older pictures and partially written posts.

this week we received some very good news. bennett applied to work at the clemson fire department a year ago. the university's minimum age is "a sophomore" so he anxiously had to wait one year. in the meantime he took several classes for qualification and helped with their volunteer team. the list of applicants was long and the spaces very few (as in one or two.) over the year we reminded him "not to get his hopes up." part of me was sad that if he got this job, there would be very little time to come home on the weekends. but if you are a parent of a teenager,  you know that when they can earn their own spending money, "it's a good day!"

tuesday we received the news that got the job! the fire department will work around his school schedule and the university holidays. 

this set of pictures is from last year. almost every weekend during hunting season bennett was home with friends. i love a house full of people!  some weekends we would have 6-7 young men spending the night in our upstairs playroom hunting lodge. fun times!

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