i missed the memo

we now have a 6th grader and an 11th grader. 

my first thought was one of panic, "another emotional senior year is a year away! i better break out the tissue and start looking through baby pictures. another chapter almost over." 

i make finding things to fret over a work of art ;) sadly worry is one of my many strongholds. 
the night before the first day is always filled with chaos. it does not matter if backpacks are packed and waiting, chaos is guaranteed.  there's nails, hair, outfits, labels and pretty school supplies. bennett? he would have grabbed last year's backpack, probably still packed with last year's stuff, rifled through the drawer for an ink pen and still have been late on the first day. our sweet girls are more complicated.

 thankfully when you are an upper classman, new book bags are not cool. and zipping them up so everything stays inside...  SO not cool. 
but what is the most uncool thing ever? like ever? your little sister ordering the same exact book bag. who would have thought fresh mint and brilliant blue were almost the same color. and who would have thought it mattered ;)
i stress to our kids (because they argue in private) a good judge of a person's character is how you treat your own family members. in other words, be nice to your sister. 

mary claire's summer reading choices were my favorite.
 oh how i love ben carson. 

i was also in love with anna katherine's pretty agenda.

 so far, the middle school experience has been far from stereotypical. at WH bennett and anna katherine's middle school years were smooth sailing. even though i am optimistic that mary claire's middle school years will be the same, peer groups and personalities are different. not to mention technology.  mary claire is already devastated that she is the only sixth grader on the planet without an iPhone (or a phone of any kind.) i am prayerfully preparing myself.

when the bell rang, i was waiting in the carpool line, bracing myself for another cell phone talk. thankfully God showed mercy :) because she chose another topic to be completely devastated over. "my locker is so ugly!"  what are you talking about, the lockers are new!?

well somewhere in my girls five year age gap, i missed the trend memo about locker decorating. i blame every over the top trend on pintrest, so i searched... just to see
 i wasn't prepared! maybe i should open those PB teen catalogs or browse pintrest more often. 

 the locker decorating trend is so huge, that the pintrest search has subcategories;  cute, simple, trendy, sporty, chic.... i can only imagine the dorm rooms of these kids. 

i know it is all for fun, i just had no idea. zero! i couldn't help as i  scrolled pintest to feel sadness. i thought about the classroom of 4th graders i used to teach. so many of them could never afford something like this.  heck, many parents struggle to pay for their lunch their lunch. i let out a sigh.
my phone-less child had her brother's old locker shelf and her neighbor's locker had shag carpet.  there were mothers rolling carts  of locker decor. seriously. {sigh} so i hesitantly stepped into the marketing parent trap. thirty minutes later we are at staples buying locker bling. we didn't buy enough to require a cart, but i couldn't help to think #counterculturefail 

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