one last goodbye

i love seeing all of the back to school pictures! mothers (and fathers) dropping off their first borns at college for the first time. firsts are tough. i began dreading the first chapter of empty nest a year before it arrived.  when the day finally came to close one and open another, the first pages of the new chapter were teary. however, it only took a few pages before all of the sadness was replaced with joy!

 i praise God every day for leading bennett down His path and not mine. i praise God for taking such good care of this young man.

from his circle of friends, to his courses, to lessons learned the hard way, to good choices over bad,  i am so grateful... God is so good all of the time. 

 our final goodbye was around 6am this morning. everyone else was asleep and i secretly enjoyed this time all to myself. 
charlie knew something was up. life for this wiener dog is substantially easier when his buddy is home. 

 the last essentials were loaded. mainly hunting stuff.  because there's a hunting season around every corner.

instead of new school clothes and shiny notebooks, he was loaded down with groceries. until the meal plan begins, the roommates  will be cooking for themselves. 
a tinge of sadness. the first few evenings of quiet dinners will be maddening. his joyous chaos will be missed!

bennett let me give him an extra tight, extra long hug. a few kisses on the cheek and sappy momma talk with out a single eye roll. he even let me take his picture! all because he loves me that  much... and because of the envelope of spending money i was holding ;) works wonders!

 charlie watched his buddy leave. 

he watched  until he was completely our of sight.

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