the loop

while in the mountains, we made another trip to cades cove to "ride the loop." it is an 11 mile bicycle ride through on of the most beautiful state parks.

the loop is closed to traffic on wednesday and saturday mornings until 10am.  i am a morning person so the 6am drive through the mountains to get there is glorious as well. i played this song on the radio several times on the way, with hopes of planting an ear worm.  it worked! i overheard mary claire several times singing and peddling.


this song was perfect for our day!
because "everything You have made is beautiful!"
the park had recently changed bicycle companies. the new mountain bikes made the ride a million times easier.  last year we battled rusty rental bikes with loose chains and non working gears. i had to fix a couple chains during the ride but only because the girls were gear changing mad men at times.
we enjoy stoping along the way to take in the sights.

this little firecracker has an endless barrel of energy! her feet barely reached the pedals and she still stayed ahead of us all.

thank you chase for being quick on the shutter. 
i love the photobomber!

after our ride we met up with crystal and her litttle littles. we enjoyed a picnic, splashing in the river, a walk and of course, "you too can be a junior ranger!" as wed rove back to the cabin for the day, we wished we could enjoy this park more than one time a year!

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