time out

july was a hectic month! ecuador, a national meeting, camp honey, another meeting, late nights working on my car...i think jeff and i saw each other three days in three weeks. so when things were calming and we realized we had a babysitter for the week, we decided to take a time out. 

when the kids (mary claire especially) overheard us making fun out of town plans, they enthusiastically asked, "when are we leaving!" sorry guys, there's no "we" in this trip. it's just mom and dad on their way to the coast to make out on the beach ;) a half dozen eye rolls later we had them convinced they should definitely opt out of this trip ;) there was never really a choice, but a little psychology goes a long way! we sent them the picture above so they could see we really did "make out on the beach." 
it's easy to get spoiled in the nice hotel room department... 
when jeff's company makes your reservations. jeff had a short meeting, which made tagging along ideal.  three days of walking, talking, dinner out... nice intentional time together was amazing.

i was even able to fit in a little work. 
this was my excuse for a bag of candy and television watching.

my question on the way home... "so where are you going next week? i may want to sign up ;)"
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