we are good sandlappers,

it's seems strange saying that in less than a week summer is over.  it is still a million degrees outside! we feel like summer comes to a screeching halt when mandatory sports practices begins. with school starting in less than a week, i can say with certainty that it has been a wonderful summer. i have so much i need to document. i have so much of everything i need to be doing... like laundry and grocery shopping #yuck!

so entirely out of order, i will share our very last summer fling. it was a little bit work and a little bit play. anna katherine couldn't join us due to mandatory (varsity) swim practice. i remember when my kids were small and i would attempt working with them in close proximity. it didn't take me long to realize this was downright  impossible. 

with time everything changes. these days my kids are photography helpers. so as long as i can physically see them while i am with a customer and know that they will not suddenly dart into traffic, it usually works like a charm!

we were off to beaufort, south carolina. i have photographed there several times over the years. in my opinion, it may just be the most beautiful small coastal town in the state.

 our first stop was the sheldon ruins. i had the girls read the history of the church on our way down. i could go on and on about the beauty here!

after some pool time and meeting up with jeff, we decided go to the local drive in theatre that everyone raves about! one minute in and you understand why people rave. it feels like you have stepped back in time  ~ in the best of ways. retro everything and $20 for 2 adults and 2 kids. 

the girls were excited to have the drive in all to ourselves! 
until 10 minutes before showtime.  four other cars joined us.

 the experience was great, but the movie pixels... it was up there with the worst movie ever.
 walking through downtown and visiting the waterfront park... if this place doesn't make you break out into, "we are good sandlappers, yes we're good sandpapers...." i do not know what will.  
in case you haven't heard the tune about 
"the very finest state in the usa..."
 this swing is next up on my honeydo/prop list

this is what $3 worth of crab catching gear looks like ;)

this little trip was the perfect way to end a great summer.

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