CCC swim

we are two swim meets into the season. (school swim season) i am a little late sharing our summer swim team pictures. 
 this year our hometown swim team had 90 {ninety!} swimmers! little kids made up the majorityvof the team.  but that's still an awesome turn out.

ninety kids on a small pool deck? it took a few days for chaos to settle. thanks to my sister and another volunteer, it was smooth sailing.

 living on the outskirts of town and attending school in a completely different town, this is the time when we get to catch up with the rest of camden. our small town is filled with some of the cutest kids! four of those are my nieces and nephew. i mean, look at this delicious little guy! 
mary claire is the youngest on the junior varsity team and one of the oldest on our club team. she was loving the whole helper thing.

 my niece and nephew.

 high five!
club swimming is a relaxing experience. we do not leave for meets at 6:00 am. there's no rigid, high stress officials or super competitive teams.  this is swim team minus the pressure of qualifying state times and exhausting practices. it's our calm before the storm :)

 this little lady swims like her cousin bennett... a power house of energy!
 it's sweet aunt pammy!

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