kicking it off

it has been one of those weeks when your "urgent" to do list seems to be growing! while i am preparing to leave for 10 days in ecuador,  jeff is preparing to leave for 7 days in boston. and sadly not one single day is concurrent. that really stinks.  
preparing to leave work for 10 days means 15 days of preparation. even though "my people" are pretty self sufficient (with one parent is supervising), preparing to leave the country makes me a little antsy. 

i have an overwhelming need to make sure things happen while i am away... like balanced meals, (ok ~ somewhat balanced meals) clean clothes, prescriptions, appointments, school projects, swim meets, sunday school substitutes, list for my office helpers,  feeding the animals, keeping the animals out of the house, brushing teeth.... a maddening list of things i must control ;)

the logical half one third one fourth of me knows that if i didn't take care of these things (except the sunday school substitute)  they would all take care of themselves. jeff would make sure. i am worrier and worriers thrive on worry.  (sigh) so this week i will pack and plan and work and fret over things!  so much fun ;)

some real fun happened over the weekend. we kicked off our actions program. this program was formerly called "the girls auxillery" i really really love the old fashioned sound of that. however many people thought it sounded  outdated and boring. so they changed the name to acteens. (which my computer loves to auto correct as actions) 
acteens focuses on my favorite bibile verse.
matthew 28:19

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations"
this year we were able to include the high school girls. that was important to me personally because i have a high school who has always had a giant heart for missions.

 in fact her heart is so soft and compassionate she is already loving our fist project! 
love ~ serve ~ give 
this ministry does exactly what is says: we love, serve and give to others in need.
 i also want to share that i am very cautious when photographing the people we wish to serve. after reading articles like this i became more aware of how photography can hurt our true mission.

on this day, i didn't bring a real camera. this sweet man asked to have his pictures made with this mrs. paulette (who wouldn't want a picture with this saint like lady.) my camera phone came out, the flood gates opened. our kind friends were asking to have their picture made. 

 our acteens are already excited for our turn at love, serve, give. 

meet john henry (aka skyline) he was the first "stranger" that i ever shared the gospel with. two months later and skyline remembered my name. he remembered my name! i am going to pretend he remembered me for amazing reasons ;) but i know better!  i am guessing he had never heard the gospel presented quite that way before ;)

 we (fbc) didn't arrive at this party jesus in tow. sure we brought the folding tables and the food.  but Jesus was here long before we showed up. He loves hanging out in abandoned parking lots!

 this is after the picture flood gate opened. i have dozens :)
back to our kick off party! I AM SO EXCITED to work with this group of girls. i want them to be crazy excited about missions! 

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