i love dinnertime! dinnertime during sports season is far from picturesque. some nights it is a meat and three at 4:30 (before we leave.) some nights it's a meat and one at 8:30 (when we get home.) but we do try our very best to sit down at the table every night.

when our kids were younger i would make them tell us "5 things about your day." and it can't involve the lunch menu. when mary claire came along we joked that for her it is, "only tell us 5 things from your day;)" this girl holds nothing back. every story emphasized with dramatic flowery language.

lately mary claire has been very worked up over darwin's theory of evolution. obviously this is a topic in her history class.  note to self; check her notes and textbook  tomorrow! bennett and anna katherine skimmed over this topic at school.

 her dinner table rants about humans evolving from apes is going to earn her an emmy nomination!

today anna kathereine's chemistry teacher said something so awesome about christians and science. so awesome i thought it was blog worthy. when asked about christianity and he said, 

"YES, i do believe in science
and i think science makes God look pretty awesome!"

pretty awesome indeed!
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