summer mission trip

two weeks from today i will waking up in ecuador. yes, again :) everyone has a happy place and several members of FBC will say that machachi is it.

my prayer partner knows that i am a little anxious about going with this team. they are fearless sharers of the gospel.  praise God anxiety and awkwardness is a foreign concept to them. (because then there's me) while i have made giant steps in sharing my faith boldly, i am still giant steps behind these guys. 

i keep reminding myself, " i should never be anxious to tell others the most important news in the world?!" then i am reminded Jesus died for all of us, even those who do a poor job of witnessing. He died for those of us who have all too often failed to share His news because we feared it might "get awkward." He died to give us the grace to press through the awkwardness and anxiety... and i know this is true. 

this is my sweet prayer partner. (love this young lady!) we were together on the summer trip. she knows all too well my anxiety and fears. i asked her to pray that God help me to be bold and fearless. i asked her to pray that i rebound from any failures and not crumble in the face of anxiety. that our team will be a contribution to God's glory!  (and calm the erupting volcano :)
now for a few pictures from our summer trip. 
a few as in enough pictures to trigger carpal tunnel!

our group of young men prepared a sermon on the the power of prayer. it was awesome!
this is not the best picture, but one of the best moments of the trip. 
(i my son is teary eyed.)
while these trip include a lot of fun, they also include "real" work. i rarely pull out my camera when we are sharing with others. i do not want our mission to turn into a photo op. 

i did manage to snap this one picture of patrick while we were in a home storying. the guest walked to the kitchen for more cheesecake and i snapped a quick one. this young man did a wonderful job!

we visited the macahchi fire department. the firemen were so kind and welcoming! enough to make our visit feel like an elementary school field trip. our guys got to shoot the hose :)

this is the moment my volcano fears began. the firemen showing  off the shiny new evacuation buses just sent in from quito.

jack came up with some great games for the school kids.
 pretty funny at times.

thank you darwin for the wonderful lunch. 
the fried plantains are out of this world!

this puppy followed us several blocks to the fire department. 
when we were gathering our bags to leave, we found him curled up underneath. 

 my biggest hugs were from these to beautiful ladies! they made a special trip all the way across town to hug us goodbye!i am looking so forward to seeing all of these sweet faces again!

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