luke warm

have you seen the movie war room? if not, you've gotta go! it is awesome.  

right after seeing the movie, i received the book fervent in the email.  it was a surprise from my friend amy! and man alive, this is one good book! it is right up there with the strong willed child and the praying parent. i am purposely reading it slowly to allow the words to soak it in.

 a very good friend and i decided to start our own little bible study. we decided focusing on a stronger prayer life was the perfect starting place. i ordered our kit here. tonight i am looking over our lesson. (i have to pre-prepare because my friend has a head full of bible knowledge. i haven't told her yet, but i am jumping ahead in hopes my answers will sound as impressive as hers ;)

our first lesson in on luke warm christians.  the luke warm coffee scene was one of my favorites! flipping through the internet, i came across a great blog.

i loved the 17 signs of luke warm christians.

i copied and pasted. his blog can be found here

Are You A Lukewarm Christian?

According to Francis Chan these are the 17 signs of a lukewarm Christian. OUCH!
1. Lukewarm people attend church fairly regularly. It is what is expected of them, what they believe “good Christians” do, so they go. Isaiah 29:13
2. Lukewarm people give money to charity and to the church as long as it doesn’t impinge on their standard of living. If they have a little extra and it is easy and safe to give, they do so, After all, God loves a cheerful giver, right? 1 Chronicles 21:24, Luke 21:1-4
3. Lukewarm people tend to choose what is popular over what is right when they are in conflict. They desire to fit in both at church and outside of church; they care more about what people think of their actions (like church attendance and giving) than what God thinks of their hearts and lives. Luke 6:26, Revelation 3:1, Matthew 23:5-7 4.
4: Lukewarm people don’t really want to be saved from their sin; they want only to be saved from the penalty of their sin. They don’t genuinely hate sin and aren’t truly sorry for it; they’re merely sorry because God is going to punish them. Lukewarm people don’t really believe that this new life Jesus offers is better than the old sinful one. John 10:10, Romans 6:1-2.
5. Lukewarm people are moved by stories of people who do radical things for Christ, yet they do not act. They assume such action is for “extreme” Christians, not average ones. Lukewarm people call “radical” what Jesus expected of all His followers. James 1:22, James 4:17, Matthew 21:28-31
6. Lukewarm people rarely share their faith with their neighbors, coworkers, or friends. They do not want to be rejected, nor do they want to make people uncomfortable by talking about private issues like religion. Matthew 10:32-33
7. Lukewarm people gauge their morality or “goodness” by comparing themselves to the secular world. They feel satisfied that while they aren’t as hard-core for Jesus as so-and-so, they are nowhere as horrible as the guy down the street. Luke 18:11-12
8. Lukewarm people say they love Jesus, and He is, indeed, a part of their lives, their money, and their thoughts, but he isn’t allowed to control their lives. Luke 9:57-62
9. Lukewarm people love God, but they do not love Him all their heart, soul, and strength. They would be quick to assure you they try to love God that much, but that sort of total devotion isn’t really possible for the average person; its only for pastors and missionaries and radicals. Matthew 22:37-38
10. Lukewarm people love others but do not seek to love others as much as they love themselves. Their love for others is typically focused on those who love them in return, like family, friends, and other people they know and connect with. There is a little love left over for those who cannot love them back, much less for those who intentionally slight them, who kids are better athletes than theirs, or with whom conversations are awkward or uncomfortable. Their love is highly conditional and very selective, and generally comes with strings attached. Matthew 5:43-47, Luke 14:12-14
11. Lukewarm people will serve God and others, but there are limits to how far they will go or how much time, money, and energy they are willing to give. Luke 18:21-25
12. Lukewarm people think about life on earth much more often than eternity in heaven. Daily life is mostly focused on today’s to-do list, this week’s schedule, and next month’s vacation. Rarely, if ever do they intently consider the life to come. Philippians 3:18-20
13. Lukewarm people are thankful for their luxuries and comforts, and rarely consider trying to give as much as possible to the poor. Matthew 25:34, 40, Isaiah 58:6-7
14. Lukewarm people do whatever is necessary to keep themselves from feeling too guilty. They want to do the bare minimum, to be “good enough” without requiring too much of them. 1 Chronicles 29:14, Matthew 13:44-46
15. Lukewarm people are continually concerned with playing it safe; they are slaves to the god of control. This focus on safe living keeps them sacrificing and risking for God. Matthew 10:28
16. Lukewarm people feel secure because they attend church, made a profession of faith at age twelve, were baptized, come from a Christian family, vote Republican, or live in America.
17. Luke warm people do not live by faith; their lives are structured so they never have to. They don’t have to trust God if something unexpected happens-they have their savings account. They don’t need God to help them—they have their retirement plan in place. They don’t genuinely seek out what life God would have them live—they have life figured and mapped out. They don’t depend on God on a daily basis-their refrigerators are full and, for the most part, they are in good health. The truth is, their lives wouldn’t look much different if they suddenly stopped believing in God. Luke 12:16-21
18. Lukewarm people probably drink and swear less than average, but besides that, they really aren’t very different from your typical unbeliever. They equate their partially sanitized lives with holiness, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Matthew 23:25-28, Luke 14:34-35


everyone was home this weekend... what an awesome feeling! 
per tradition :) we carved pumpkins.
after all the rain, the mosquitos seem to be monster sized. we thought moving everything to the front porch would help since there are still a few wet spots in the backyard. maybe. but the mosquitos were still pretty awful.

jeff is all business...

 bennett claims it is a "tradition" to shoot his pumpkin.

 it seems traditional that mary claire is never happy with her final product :)

blue shirt

tonight is the homecoming football game. bennett will be home, the weather is screaming football, so it may turn out to be a family affair followed by dinner at ihop. 

leading up to the game is  "spirit week." each day there is a theme; nerd day,  extreme blue and white, group day.  there's zero helicoptering around here for spirit week. over the years we have accumulated a hefty "dress up" box. it sits in the attic overflowing with old halloween costumes, thrift store finds, spirit weeks gone by, school programs... lots of what nots. 

this box plus your imagination can equal anything :)
see what i mean... a mailman and a letter :)

this year my favorite was "throw back day." mary claire wore an old poodle skirt and i did not get a single picture.

 anna katherine's throw back, made us laugh for hours. it is only hysterical if you know about the mandatory blue shirt

"the blue shirt" is a unisex uniform shirt for field trips.  these shirts have been around pretty much forever ~ from k4 until 5th grade.  one of the last times a 5th grader wears their shirt is on the washigton field trip. 

ours somehow survived the ceremonial 6th grade blue shirt burning party. 

what makes this even funnier is that this very picture was taken in 2010 and printed in the 2015 year book. the caption read, "mary claire on the washington field trip." 

 oh how i remember adding a hair bow to this girl's hair every single day. (you know the rule, bows until bras) ak asked me this morning if i had the "round brush." i was obsessive about a neat smooth ponytail ;) with a touch of hairspray. 

anna katherine may have preferred climbing trees over playing with dolls, but she looked girly from a distance. 

visual testimony

one of my husband's favorite things to do with his own father is to go to auctions. especially if the auction involves antique guns. it just makes me happy when all the graves men get to hang out together. the last auction they went to...  someone bought a gun (not sure which one.) i was more excited about this special surprise. 
jeff purchased a stack of antique bibles from the civil war era. he said they were, "just for me." maybe he was the one who came home with a new/old gun ;)

the covers are worn, the pages are falling out from being turned many times. as  i flipped the pages, noticed att the dog eared pages, i imaged each owner to be devoted to God. 

i imagine them teaching their children rom the pages.
children reading them and learning to follow God.

a pressed flower found in the book of job. that could be a coincidence.
but the book of job in this bible was the most worn of all.

can you imagine how excited i was to find a family picture inside?!
my imagination ran wild for days imagining all kind of things about this woman.

service programs from a catholic church.
a stark opposites of today's colorful programs.

 death records of family members.

the stack is in my dining room as a visual testimony of the owners love for God!

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