hooray! it feels good to feel good! and what a good feeling to be back in the swing of things. good, good, good! God is so good! it is always difficult for me when arriving home from a long trip. it seems that life has been waiting impatiently for my arrival arrival. life is just standing there with a huge to do list. 

my trip was amazing! where do i even begin to write about the amazing things God is doing in Ecuador!? this time it took me a few days to recover. we planned our tour day on our departure day. which means early rise, then go, go, go. our return flight was the red eye. man oh man are those flights awful and exhausting! trying to sleep in close quarters with a few hundred strangers. i kept waking up to turbulence or the nice man beside me leaning into my space. i'm sorry but touching a strangers while i sleep is so awkward!  then a four hour layover that started at 5am.  so basically 40 hours without sleep. 

jet lag? maybe. but over the next couple of days, i was convinced i was getting the flu. oh noooo! i wish it were the flu.

did i mention i brushed my teeth with the water... and ya know what swims in the water? yeah.a friend who is a world traveler said she does it all the time. "it's fine, just don't swallow." well i must have accidentally  swallowed, because i brought back a few "friends." 

 i definitely didn't google the particular parasite i most likely had. some things are better left unknown. an exaggerated close up picture of a the serpent  with a suction cup mouth and sharp teeth who loves living inside of human's would have made me suicidal.  

i knew it had to be nasty and ugly when i texted our team leader for the anti-parasite drug and she offered to bring it over immediately!
i covered my eyes, plugged my ears, turned off my imagination, blamed everything on gluten, tried to erase snake images from my mind and took the anti-parasite pill. thank you Jesus for modern medicine!
 so now i am back to normal. and are these not the perfect wild eyed crazy mannequin pictures for my parasite tale? my mom gave mary claire a box of beauty school stuff. this girl was in heaven! 

these were taken over labor day at my mom's mountain house. 
this box of heads and brushes entertained her for hours!

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