blue shirt

tonight is the homecoming football game. bennett will be home, the weather is screaming football, so it may turn out to be a family affair followed by dinner at ihop. 

leading up to the game is  "spirit week." each day there is a theme; nerd day,  extreme blue and white, group day.  there's zero helicoptering around here for spirit week. over the years we have accumulated a hefty "dress up" box. it sits in the attic overflowing with old halloween costumes, thrift store finds, spirit weeks gone by, school programs... lots of what nots. 

this box plus your imagination can equal anything :)
see what i mean... a mailman and a letter :)

this year my favorite was "throw back day." mary claire wore an old poodle skirt and i did not get a single picture.

 anna katherine's throw back, made us laugh for hours. it is only hysterical if you know about the mandatory blue shirt

"the blue shirt" is a unisex uniform shirt for field trips.  these shirts have been around pretty much forever ~ from k4 until 5th grade.  one of the last times a 5th grader wears their shirt is on the washigton field trip. 

ours somehow survived the ceremonial 6th grade blue shirt burning party. 

what makes this even funnier is that this very picture was taken in 2010 and printed in the 2015 year book. the caption read, "mary claire on the washington field trip." 

 oh how i remember adding a hair bow to this girl's hair every single day. (you know the rule, bows until bras) ak asked me this morning if i had the "round brush." i was obsessive about a neat smooth ponytail ;) with a touch of hairspray. 

anna katherine may have preferred climbing trees over playing with dolls, but she looked girly from a distance. 

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