disaster relief

currently our state is all over the news. the flooding is massive.  our small town was effective, however neighboring towns were devastated! school was cancelled for the entire week. roads are washed away, water is contaminated and many people are dealing with catastrophic loss.  

we are blessed beyond measure to have a youth group so eager to serve! on their days off these guys are begging to help

we have watched as churches across our state have pulled together to serve. organizations within our church have joined with one another to do His work. because that's what chiristian do ~ we should all have the same agenda. God designed it that way. we can do great and mighty things if we bind together for the common cause.

 i was pretty impressed with these guys. walking up to strangers and asking to meet their physical need of water. and then asking top pray for them by name! 

 part of our day was spent unloading and loading cases of water.

on our ride hime we talked about how many pounds of water we  lifted. we agreed on a million pounds each ;) however, we were so thankful for the opportunity to serve. it's christian love in action!

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