florida keys (part one)

editing our vacation pictures from the florida keys leaves me singing, "it's the most wonderful time of the year..." mainly because this vacation is all about family time and i can never get enough of that. 
i return from this vacation with loads of pictures.
 my handsome boat captain. jeff is a very good sport. the florida keys may be my favorite, but not so much for him. he makes this mega trip year after year for his family. even though it stresses him out a lot of the time. pulling the boat 1000 miles, the changing water depths, the maintenance, the safety... and he is a perfectionist so this kind of stuff stresses him out. we love and appreciate him more than he will ever know. 

but who loves this place more than us all?
this fella!

daily pina coladas are mandatory.
(the blender remains on the counter the entire time) 
 the changing sky.
it is like vitamins for the soul!

 this is our fishing queen.
she is serious (and competitive!)
this year her little sister caught the very first fish :)

 bennett was able to do al to of off shore fishing this year. he had friends from clemson who were there the same exact days. he caught a load of dolphin. unfortunately his mother wasn't with him to snap pictures ;)
 my goal was to take a family picture everyday. 
no matter what we looked like. 

  watching the sun set at the quay is awesome
even when it is cloudy.

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