mary claire is twelve!

our little girl is not so little any more. 
it’s hard to believe that twelve years ago i was in a frantic rush to the hospital anticipating her early arrival. her birth day ended with an emergency c-section and so many answered prayers. there is not a single day that goes by that i do not thank God for this sweet soul.

this precious little girl that i held in my arms is a few short years away from becoming a young lady. even though i see her everyday, i wonder how this has happened so fast?

 when i look at her, i see a beautiful smile, caring soul, a dramatic personality, my hair  and my husband’s features. 

and yay!
 she has finally grown into front teeth. 

i can always gush about my kids when they were babies. what i would give to rewind time for just one day. we were convinced that mary claire was the cutest, spunkiest baby ever. i loved her curls and pudgy cheeks. she loved hair bows, dresses and any creature covered in fur. 

i mentioned that she is on the dramatic side.
this girl's moods could turn on a dime :)
she is our over achiever. she is smart, opinionated, compassionate and witty. and in her parent's eyes, still absolutely the most adorable.
so happy birthday sweet girl. 
we are hanging on tight to you. time please slow down.  
we love you more than you will ever know!
happy birthday!

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