what a weekend! the majority of our state is saying the very same thing. we knew we were in for some rain, but geez luise!
our weekend was busting at the seams with scheduled activities. bennett was coming home for the first time in two months. i had a friday night wedding. jeff and i were heading to charleston for the girl's last swim meet before state. saturday night football game on tv.  sunday was our mission trip debrief. sunday afternoon, i was booked solid for family fall pictures. sunday night was bible study and a swim team party.
this monsoon changed a very, very busy weekend into an overall relaxing, cozy, slowed paced, recharge your battery kind of weekend... after our date with drama of course.

saturday morning bennett tried to make his way home from sumter... before things went from bad to worse. a thirty minute trip home ended up taking half of the day. the roads were flooded, people were stranded, cars were in ditches and bennett loves to help. 

bennett, always being the good samaritan, stopped and helped along the way. while the conditions worsened by the minute. 
his truck was overtaken by water and stopped. 
jeff and i were fortunate enough to be able to follow the line of national guard trucks to the exact place bennett was stranded. 

that little yellow dot is bennett.
the leaning electric poles were scaring me to death!

we made our way safely back home and hunkered down for the day.

the rain was relentless! it's monday and it is still raining! thankfully jeff and bennett were able to tow the truck home. they spent the evening in his shop draining water from the engine, replacing parts, oiling things.... and thankfully bringing the truck back to life!
prayers for our state. we were fortunate our damage was minimal. 
so many have lost so much!

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