time to shoot

we have guns. they stay securely locked away in safes. bennett has a safe, jeff has two and my personal gun is locked away in a safe that can only be accessed with my fingerprints. my husband grew up in a home filled with hunters. the emphasis they place on gun safety speaks volumes. 

 last week i had a little scare. (i am very was to scare) i was working in my office when there was a knock at my door. the only people who knock unexpectedly on my door are delivery men. it's hard to get lost and end up at my house. the person knocked and knocked. i was inside scrambling to put on decent clothes wondering what package i needed to sign for. 

 then the person went around to my studio door and knocked and knocked.

when i saw that is was not our UPS man, but instead a young scruffy scary looking man i began shaking on the inside. he was driving an old car and looking for his dog!

 "i saw you running on the road and wondered if my dog followed you back?"

oh my dear Jesus! how many datelines start something like this!? i spoke to him through the window of my locked door. charlie (our vicious wiener dog) was going nuts! as the man was describing  his dog, i was about to cry. i am pretty positive he stopped talking and decided it was time to go when he saw i was holding a gun behind my back.

SO ~ i have a high level of stranger danger. datelines tend to make a person paranoid. right? the young man was my neighbor's son who really did lose his dog.  i continued to shake on the inside all day.

it was a good chuckle at the dinner table. 

we decided it was time for the girls to learn how to shoot a hand gun. jeff and bennett are great teachers.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

OH my gosh, that is so scary! (Even though he turned out to be the neighbors son! ) I don't like guns, but I do have one and I have my CWP!
One of these days, when we meet, I'll have to tell you the scary story about some guys that came to my door! 😱

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