today is state!

 i can never say enough great things about our swim program at WH.  when your school has a shining football program, it is easy for a small, concurrent sport to get pushed aside. however, over the years with the help of some great coaches and parents, our swim program has begun to shine as well!  we are a small team and have won several meets this year!

 so i would love to gush about the kids and their great sportsmanship.
(mary claire swimming the 500)

  the coaches and their dedication and patience.
the amazing group of parents!
it is not nearly as stressful being a swim mom as it is being a football mom. 

parents encourage everyone ~ even on different teams!
 they are just the best!

 and finally the commitment of the swimmers... 
four days a week,  two hours a day and every single saturday for two months. my kids forgo many fun activities for swim team. 

the state swim meet marks the end of the season and i am always sad to see it end.  i can already write that we left home at 5am today. (i wrote this last night;)  thankfully i am a morning person and ending chapters makes me really sentimental. 

so GO barons, swim your little hearts out today! you are every bit as awesome as our awesome football team.

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