visual testimony

one of my husband's favorite things to do with his own father is to go to auctions. especially if the auction involves antique guns. it just makes me happy when all the graves men get to hang out together. the last auction they went to...  someone bought a gun (not sure which one.) i was more excited about this special surprise. 
jeff purchased a stack of antique bibles from the civil war era. he said they were, "just for me." maybe he was the one who came home with a new/old gun ;)

the covers are worn, the pages are falling out from being turned many times. as  i flipped the pages, noticed att the dog eared pages, i imaged each owner to be devoted to God. 

i imagine them teaching their children rom the pages.
children reading them and learning to follow God.

a pressed flower found in the book of job. that could be a coincidence.
but the book of job in this bible was the most worn of all.

can you imagine how excited i was to find a family picture inside?!
my imagination ran wild for days imagining all kind of things about this woman.

service programs from a catholic church.
a stark opposites of today's colorful programs.

 death records of family members.

the stack is in my dining room as a visual testimony of the owners love for God!

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