happy birthday birdie!

wishing our sweet middle child a very happy birthday today! this is the day i get to gush and gush about how perfect we think you are!

before i begin, let me say... this little lady is our strongest willed one out of the bunch. she holds an unbreakable family record for the most time outs. 

she entered the world over a month early with a will made of steel. she was spunky, independent, and occasionally defiant.  she was "the kid" in the grocery store that would have a meltdown in the cereal isle. she was "the girl" in preschool who could be a ticking time bomb if all did't go her way. she was "the toddler " on the beach that others would watch slinging a lounge chair during a temper tantrum. she was "the child" that made her parents exhausted by bedtime. 

molding this precious spirit required God's mercy, grace and a  lot of energy and effort from her parents. dr. james dobson wrote a book just for anna katherine.
 but that face! that sweet little face and eyes as blue as the sea! we loved this spirit with everything we had. we would never have changed a hair on her head.
 perseverance pays off. 

 over time, we watched this strong willed girl transform into a girl full of kindness, mercy and compassion. 
 she is now "the girl" who has a missionary heart she understands the role Jesus plays in her life.  "the girl" that lives to help others and it psychically pains her to see someone in need. 

God may have given her a big dose of stubbornness,  but He gave her a bigger dose of compassion. 
 i love her humbleness. she is ok with not having the latest and greatest. she understands that her parents work hard to provide. she rarely asks for anything and understands she has to work for what she wants.  
 she still requires an 'occasional time out' (no phone) but most days, she is pretty awesome to be around. we are so in love with this young lady! happy birthday!

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