so there's a lot of things i can't do. like a lot! but i consider myself skilled at a couple things. i am pretty much unbeatable at a game of wack-a-mole and i can bake a mean batch of cookies.  when gluten is not your friend and sugar is your bff... one must learn a means of survival.

cookies might just be my favorite thing to cook. in fact, i think i might just despise cooking any/every thing else. {sigh} if only my family could survive on cookies alone. darn food pyramid!

this christmas i am determined that my cookies will not only melt in your mouth, but also be pleasing to look at. 

an entire saturday afternoon was dedicated to my cookie decorating endeavor.  youtube videos, pintrest searches and cookie supplies from a craft store... i think thought i had it. 

mistake number one. i doubled an already doubled recipe. (my bad) try mixing six sticks of butter, a beach bucket of sugar and a dump truck load of flour into your mixer.  imagine the dust storm.

we ended up with... i would say 60-70 cookies. my kids looked like they worked in a keebler sweat shop by the time they finished cutting the dough. 

 royal icing is simple. when you factor in everything else, this went from a skill level of one to a skill level of five. 

making the two different consistencies was tricky. spraying the icing with a mister to get it "just right." perfectly coloring the icing with a small monochromatic shade difference, was difficult. 

pouring this stuff into piping bags, even after a youtube tutorial, was a total nightmare. one tube exploded during the process... long story and i partly blame youtube ;)

between the flour overspill and icing drippings of every color, my kitchen  looked like the color run had just finished the final stretch in my kitchen!

 all of this was set to the music of my girls complaining!  "get over yourself, you are too young for carpool tunnel... do you know how many children would love to eat sugar cookies? so keep cutting!"

 the actual icing part went great! 
right after i decided that cookie flooding was overrated and  the cookies could look abstract and sloppy.

our goal was something like this...
 our cookies looked like this. 

our cookie afternoon was one big pintrest FAIL!  go ahead and laugh, i had to myself. the laughter from this day was way better than the end result!

we will try again. i mean, i have 50 leftover cookies in the freezer!

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