one weekend

so many fun and amazing things to document from our december. just kidding :) so far december has been a giant red blur. i say this every single year... christmas for a photographer and anyone in retail is busy. i am not glorifying busy. goodness there are loads of people way busier than myself.  especially single parents. it is just hard to hold in the griping when you are so busy with being busy... when you stop being busy and a list of busy things awaits you... like laundry and cooking! 

i will take a huge breather in january! this is the month i am abe to recharge my battery! 
so here is a post from a very busy weekend. 
busy in the best of ways. i had the entire weekend off.
friday evening, it was pictures and cookies with santa. i love, love being a part of this event!
saturday morning was the town christmas parade. i couldn't help myself. i just had to snap a picture of our fire station. they know us well ;)

then it was off to help wrap gifts with the  wmu. 

sunday morning i was able to hug on my sunday school class. i have been out the last couple of weeks. after service, it was off for more gift wrapping. except this time it was a mobile group. we visited and wrapped for others who needed a little extra help.

later that evening we enjoyed jeff's musical. i will never tire of hearing my man sing :)
in between these events 

  • bennett was hunting. this time of the year he has one track mind.
  • we drop kitty boy off at elizabeth's barn for a few months. seems he has become the dirt road bully cat.
  • mary claire was begging for a puppy. (no, no and no)
  • jeff was at choir rehearsal.
  • anna katherine was eager to finish her chores so she could see chase. 
  • i was attempting to wash clothes. yuck, yuck and yuck!)

even though it was a busy weekend, i praise God a great weekend.
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