i have sat down to write our thanksgiving post a half dozen times. 

 this year we hosted thanksgiving and our family did all the cooking. our gathering is always informal, casual, laid back with lots of family time. i grabbed a few pictures before dinner and then per tradition ;) my camera got tucked away. 

this year we had a boyfriend and a girlfriend join us. man these two are sweet. i would love to hop inside their mind while our thanksgiving gathering is whirling around them. 
just when you think thanksgiving here cannot get more awkward and random, papa gene insists on a picture with elizabeth. she's a great sport!
this fella too. chase is a little more accustomed to the chaos of this family.
my grandmother joins us every year. 
we are pretty thankful she spends this time with us!
jeff had a migraine this day. my experimentation with essential oils may be the culprit. he way in and out most of the day, trying his best.

 we are also lucky that the smokes gather here as well. it really feels like one big happy family!
 thanksgiving wouldn't be thanksgiving without an evie outage series.

 my sister acting up for the camera!

some serious southern fun! 
a wagon hooked to the golf cart!

we finished off the night with roger and a redder bb gun. it's hard to speak of him without gushing about his cuteness!

"how many targets  have you hit? five?"

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