my bff in ecuador

if i owned a BFF necklace, i would give angie the other half. 
how is it that first baptist camden always scores the best translators in all of ecuador!?

(not sure why i had my pants hiked above my waist, LOL!)

angie and i have experienced god together in some very unique ways.  i met her on my first trip. 

angie has seen me at my best and definitely at my worst. she has seen me when i was afraid to speak and when i needed to stop talking.  (like below!)

she was there when i muddled through my first park evangelism and mutilated my first church sermon. 

we share an affinity for active volcanos and sneaking behind caution tape. ;) 

she deserves a round of applause for translating all of our southern sayings.
"wrapping it up is not related to wrap music."
"lets be snappy doesn't require snapping your fingers"
"and no, hushpuppies are not made from puppy meat." my favorite:) 

angie has seen me act out plays, sing songs, play ball, attempt to speak spanish, and  witnessed my sweet dance moves... 

things she cannot un-see :)

 god bless her sweet soul! 
 angie has been an eye witness to every facet of my emotions!
and for that... angie, i thank you!
she is loved by so many!

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