perfect timing

after starting the new year with ten eleven days in ecuador our family is back to our regularly scheduled life.  the day we were leaving was the day the circus came to down! if we would have know a huge flight delay was in our future we could have stayed a little longer to take in the festivities.
 pictures were taken on the sidewalk in front if the hostal.

 if clowns scare you... this was not the place to be :)
 the circus continued up and down the streets of machachi drumming up excitement. clowns, characters and acrobats were loaded in the back of pick up trucks with megaphones blaring. 

so we got a bonus day on our trip... in the airport. i continued to remind myself that "God's timing is perfect."  because after waiting in line for three hours only to be rerouted and rerouted, it took all i had to remain calm and in good spirits.

perfect timing to make the most of a foreign airport for 12 extra hours.  perfect timing when we were boarding our plane (which looked more like a puddle jumper) at 2am with hopes of sleeping a few hours. perfect timing when our connecting flight in dallas only allowed us one hour and twenty minutes to make it off one plane, through customs, through security, navigate our way to another terminal and onto another plane! 

several  people agreed that making the connection was all but impossible.

our prayer partners in south carolina woke up an hour before we landed in dallas to pray for us trough our race to the connecting plane.

praise God!  we breezed through customs, easily checked our bags and received an unexpected TSA pre approval. thank you Jesus! we arrived a day later, but we arrived safe and sound.

saying goodbye this time was a little harder. i was unsure when (or if) i would have the opportunity to return. my last minute attempt to always remember this place i love so much was to snap, snap, snap pictures all the way to the airport. these pictures were taken from the van on the pan american highway between machachi and the quito airport.

car dealership

a glimpse of quito

bus stop in  quito

my goal for this trip is to post all the pictures soon. (hold me to it friends ;)  
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