fire prevention month

the appropriate way for your family to usher in february is with a blazing fire ;) for the last three years, february has involved out of control fires. a recap can be found here {crazy!}
really, we were burning our christmas tree... because that's what all southerners look forward to doing ;) but no worry, we have a fireman on the premises ;) this constitutes a controlled burn right? i offered him $20 to put on his fire gear for pictures. (not a chance!)

bennett was home for the weekend and just the mention of a bonfire sends his sisters flying out the door with marshmallows in hand. only problem. we wee out of the large marshmallows. 

mary claire is our queen problem solver... hot chocolate marshmallows will work just fine... baby genius ;) 

we use the word "blessed" carefully. seeing this word thrown around on social media relating to material possessions is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.  (this article explains it so well) 

but when all of our healthy little medium people are together, happy, healthy, in a safe place... jeff and i feel it is appropriate to say, we feel so blessed!

happy february!
~ and remember ~
it's never safe to play with matches!
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