winter is a little less than a month away and i have some catching up to do! 

these ladies have had quite a few sleep overs!
just because this cat is so pretty!
we hosted an amazing group of young ladies for the dnow weekend!
llamas all the way from ecuador. 
mary claire never fails to ask for another llama.
running outside just to catch a beautiful clemson sunset! 
the thought of this girl being a year away is killing me! 
we thought the stomach bug hit our house.
my sister's family was down and out for days.
it wasn't the stomach bug.
mary claire was suffering from a mystery illness that landed her in the hospital overnight.

another negative test for celiac... but we still have our suspicions.

we had a nice stay at kershaw health.
the attention we received was amazing! whenever i felt the urge to complain about sleeping in a hospital room... i reminded myself that it was lightyears better than a center seat on airplane. it's all relative :)

she was a trooper through all of the tests.

our boy during the clemson championship game...
cheering from a deer stand.
have you heard of sole hope?
if not, check out the link above.
it's such an incredible ministry!
have i mentioned how much i adore this person!?
visiting our buddy in clemson... on a school day!
sometimes you gotta live a little, right?
man i sure do love this young man. he took us on a tour of his classrooms. this classroom has his name written all over it!
bennett loves his grandmothers!
and look at the pintrest apartment decorations!
we couldn't leave without decking grandmother out in clemson paraphernalia!
new passport photo.... because jeff and i are heading to south america together in june! did you know that 2016 will be the busiest passport renewal year ever? 

feeling the love on my birthday!
how about these beautiful flowers from my sweet sunday school co-teacher!? delivered to my office door on my birthday! 
lynn is pretty awesome!
sweet, sweet, sweet!
valentine cookies for an entire church. compliments of women on missions!
this has been the "winter" thorn in our side!
kitty boy, not mary claire.
 kitty boy is our campion hunter! snakes, moles, rabbits, birds! our sweet, precious neighbor is battling als. her family brought in a hospital bed and placed it in front of her giant picture window. they then filled it full of bird feeders. it is a pretty amazing sight, all those birds and her calm spirit waiting to meet jesus.... until kitty boy pounces from the shrubs and rips the birds to pieces!

kittyboy is now on home arrest. he can weasel his way out of any cat door or partially open window. this is the level of security required to keep him under lock and key.
 mary claire announced at dinner that she no longer likes the "flavor plant." (too bad missy!)
 our valentine date with mary claire. we went to her favorite sushi restaurant. i was determined to fall in like with sushi. i forced myself to sample several different rolls. 

i officially decided... i do not like sushi. end of story. 

i try to keep my work blog/fb page and my personal blog/fb page separate. but once in awhile they cross... this is my sweet friend's son james. she loves the outtakes as much as myself! this is so unfair because james smiled almost the entire session... 

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