winter break

hooray for cold weather ~  just in time for our winter break!  school is out every february for a break. this year, thanks to a successful fall fundraiser, the students earned an extra day! even though i still feel as if i was out of town the entire month of january, i was ready for some slow paced family time. 

we headed to honey and papa gene's mountain house where a slower pace is guaranteed. their house is situated at the bottom of a winding mountain where internet and cell service is almost nonexistent. unpluging from life is a break in itself. 

i read from a book instead of a kindle book on my iPad :) jeff bought real life newspapers and mary claire learned to cross stitch. 

we took lots of walks!
 i am going with a nice soft focus filter below...
instead of saying this picture is completely out of focus :)

our "planned fun" was to visit and hike some of the parks in the area. the waterfalls outside of hendersonville, nc did not disappoint! 

jeff left camden without a winter coat! 
the loaner puffer jacket was some kind of puffy :)

we didn't see snow, except piled up in parking lots.  mary claire did collect some serious icicles!

when it came time to leave and head back to the real world, we ended with another walk. 

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