tour day

i think i am one, maybe two blog posts into my last mission trip. goals! (insert eye roll) i know it leaves many on the edge of their seat just waiting for more ecuador pictures (insert eye roll) i mean who doesn't love an endless feed of foreign scenery pictures and a handful of words (insert two eye rolls)

my only condition for selecting our tour day was  "to try to avoid a car crash." other than that, i was up for anything ;) we chose 
Lake Cuicocha
"lake of guinea pigs" 
on a scale  of 1-10 for near death experiences, our day in the van was a conservative 6. there were steep cliffs and two lane roads, but the traffic was light. i only thought we were going to die three r for times, so i consider a 6 a great day in the van

we paid 6.00 each for a guided boat tour and loaded the boat with a group from russia and their translator. how neat is that!? our guide hopped on board with a smile and an extra can of gas. he was just the sweetest!
our  guide had two stories on how the lake (a caldera) received it's name. one was because it was  shaped like a guinea pig. the other was more graphic and interesting. this was the lake that natives  used for sacrificing loads of guinea pigs in order to please the gods. he gave a lot of details :)

it was fascinating to see the constant gas omissions that created a sea of bubbles.

our tour guide (i wish i remembered his name) was eager for each of us to have our picture made driving the boat :)

a virgin mary statue tucked away on the side of the crater.

it was a nice tour. at the end we each received a cup of hot tea spiked with alcohol. not really!  but it was offered. we gave our share to our russian friends.
we ended tour day with a walk around the market and hot tea biscuits.

and a nice dinner by the lake.
it was a good day.

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