two mites

i have been writing this post for what seems like forever. when a moment is this special, i want to make sure the words due the experience justice.i realize after attempting to tell this story for weeks, i will never due it justice.

this moment happened on our last day in ecuador. our suitcases were packed and sitting by the gates. ronnie and i were having our coffee on the outside bench while waiting for our ride to the airport. BOY had it been a week. this mission trip was encased in a million emotions. we had experienced the Holy Spirit hard at work. we had also navigated through serious spiritual warfare. so as we sat on the bench talking through our experiences… we admitted that we felt like we were leaving this special place with the wind out of our sails. 

as we sat, the only two guests at our pity party, we received an unexpected visit from two sisters we had met with earlier in the week. one of their husband’s mother was battling a terminal illness. you could see the weight of the world on his face. the family had asked that we meet and pray specifically for his needs.

 a big old can of prayer was opened! the Holy Spirit led our pray and guided our words so we didn’t miss a thing.  we prayed for him, his mother, his extended family, his work, his pets, the weather (not really the weather)…  i remember we prayed for so many things, not wanting to miss a single detail. that day, there was not a doubt that we all felt the Holy Spirit in that room.

 our meeting with their family had happened at the beginning of our mission trip. so many heavy things had happened since those first days. right before their arrival, ronnie and i had been pity partying it up mulling over the “bad” and breezing over the “good.” giving satan more attention.

the sisters had taken time off from their jobs to travel across town… just to say thank you. the husband we had prayed with said he finally felt peace. 

feeling the peace that only Jesus can give is an intoxicating feeling.

ronnie and i knew that we were not responsible for her husband’s peace. but we were used as messengers… and that brought back another intoxicating feeling. the feeling of being “His hands and feet.”  

(selfishly) we felt the wind was filling our sails!

then something unexpected happened. something i will never forget... one sister reached into her bag and handed ronnie a small painting. it was from her home.
then she reached up and took off her earrings and placed them in my hand. “these are for you.”

the story of the widow and her mites came to my mind.

"She didn’t give much—just two mites —or did she?" 

 the earrings in my hand and the painting in ronnie’s, were our two mites. they were not gifts worth large amounts of money. these gifts represented something that money could never buy. a selfless gift from the heart.  

when i arrived home, jeff attached the earrings to a special box. i love having such a powerful example of generosity on display in our home.

i thought of this gift and God’s perfect timing. i was so grateful to be sailing out of macahchi with wind in our sails. 

a reminder that God is THE giver of every good and perfect gift.

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