we're only here for a season!

one of my new year's resolutions was to minimize media in our home. when i announced this at the dinner table, it was as if i said "we were moving into a tent." jeff and i took baby steps by lowering and capping all cell phone data. then we eliminated cable tv in all rooms except one. (baby, baby steps :) 

the first week, i may have complained the most. my office cable box was replaced with a pair of $20 rabbit ears! in the country that's about three channels on a clear day and one when it's cloudy. at first the silence was maddening, especially when my office helper was away. so i began using youtube with the hopes of finding encouragement. my age is obvious when i say with excitement, there's so much good stuff on youtube.

recently jeff emailed me a lauren dangle link. i quickly became a fan! at first i was just listening to her songs. then i began listening a little closer to the lyrics. this is one of my favorites! a reminder that we're only here for a season! work a little harder to surround yourself with with goodness! 

happy tuesday!
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