win and lose

track season is in! 

anna katherine is a sprinter on the varsity team.  mary claire is still trying to find her best fit and has really cute shoes ;) all of the graves kids have to wear the motion control running shoes. it’s rare that these shoes are cute and fashionable. this year mary claire got lucky and scored some cute nikes. 
i begin swim season by apologizing for the long feed of swim pictures that all look completely the same except to the parents. i find myself taking so many just to get a few good ones.

sports pictures rarely pass the kid test of approval. if their face looks crazy distorted or if an action football picture is not cool... the kids will veto the picture. 

that doesn't mean the pictures are not posted. the providers of food, shelter, love, automobiles, cell phones, essentially life as they know it… those people choose what's posted ;)  

i am realizing that the BEST pictures might just be track pictures. editing the first meets left me in stitches!
the faces...

mixed in with the funny and the sweet!

mary claire. before i get to her, first let me say that anna katherine goes to practice, runs the meets,  is not overly competitive, takes advil when she is sore, and keeps the whining and complaining to a minimum.

mary claire. she goes to practice, runs the meets, socializes with friends, is very competitive, knows the rules, enforces the rules, all while giving you a minute by minute report of her comfort level, well being and if there is anything you can do for her. 

if bennett were there he would be looking for his uniform and shoes.
the first meet of her track career was. an experience. our school competed with two other local middle schools. i am not sure if the regulations were that "you have to be middle school aged" or "you have to be enrolled in middle school."  good grief the ability level of most races was lopsided.

some of the other runners  were so fast that i thought the mile had ended then two of our runners go by. pretty intimidating. some of these kids need to hop on over to the olympics!

before her race mary claire had been taking it all in.  "mom, these girls are so fast! i am going to lose." (yes honey. yes you are going to lose.)  trying to keep her spirits up and melt down at bay... i told her to run pretty for pictures and try not to lose by a landslide!

 SO, i didn't really say that.  i encouraged her to run her very best. and a pray.  and remember she had really cute (orthopedic) running shoes.

in swimming, the heats are separated by fraction of seconds.

this meet, the coaches said, "just pick a lane, any lane, any heat."  they too knew the odds.

i will give you one guess who won. 
or didn't win!
the loser didn't lose by a landslide so we consider that a win! 
it ended up being a nice first meet. the other runners had good sportsmanship and it was will organized. i think we lost. (i know we lost) it's all about the experience. (it's not completely about the experience ;)  i did get some amusing photographs.

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