this post has more than it's fair share of pictures. mostly from my phone about different things that have been happening over here. there's been a lot of work and travel involving everyone. we are so thankful for the things that keep us busty, geez louise, we are ready to slow down just a tad! so here goes... 

have i mentioned how g.r.o.s.s. i think hotel remotes are? have you watched that dateline?

preschools are a highlight of my spring season. my little niece smiled for her pictures. if you know her, you understand why this is a big deal. last year we could only get the top of her hair bow in the class photo. but my oh my she is a cutie!
bennett participated in a "fire competition" between the two rivalry football teams in our state! 
jeff and i celebrated our 22nd anniversary! twenty.two.years.  are we really that old? it seems like yesterday. this fella is still the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful person i know. the person who is going make our empty nest feel so much better!
our old babysitter now has a baby. no way! we really are that old! and man, he is just THE CUTEST little nugget!
we are in the process of covering our back porch. 
can't wait! 
and adding a much needed portico to my studio door.
sleepovers and saturday mornings! 
again... no way is another senior year right around the corner :(
no comment.
we took our first college tour... to you know where.
clemson university.
 oh how i LOVE a mission trip debrief. we all feel like our friends in ecuador are our family in ecuador. so many of us gather to hear every last detail!
we had our picture made today for our next trip! 
i refer to this group as my dream team! 

what's more exciting than returning a LIVE bunny to it's owner? nothing.

 bennett and elizabeth hanging out!
 dinner date to chops.
 the kitty boy saga. this cat is an all time snake killing favorite. word on the street is he is a bully. bullying the neighborhood cats into anorexia. after numerous sweet phone calls and cat house arrest, we realized we couldn't keep this free range cat contained. 

so it was off to the farm for awhile. 
a little kitty rehab.

a big thank you to wendy for cat sitting this rebel.

after three weeks our favorite kitty is back... killing moles and continuing to terrorize the neighborhood cats. at least they had a chance to fatten up before his return ;) 
 thankful for this (scary) little gas station between home and school. who cares if a murder happened across the street and i think they sell drugs out the back door... i didn't run out of gas!
 a few of my birthday flowers still living a month later!

 this little ladies. they make me smile. a surprise trip to starbucks and they just happened to have a secret recipe tucked away in their wallet. 
 it was for the harry potter butter beer. 

this fella was a good sport!
yes, the drink was delicious but very, very sweet!
 ending with my little nephew's adorable handwriting! 

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